Usually, one student gives a talk on Monday mornings. One Monday last
year, a boy gave the talk. He was ____2____and excited !When I
saw him, I wanted to have a try, too. Can I really do it Last week, our
teacher said our class should give the talk. My teacher __3___ me,
“I know you want to have a try.

72, as soon as I finish reading

5, It goes without saying that…

(     )7. A. excited B. happy C. nervous D. surprised 

Mrs. Claussen was different though. She spent the first several weeks
just talking to me – asking me all kinds of questions about myself –
about feelings – about what I thought I did when I blocked. And she
listened. She began to teach me about the fundamentals of speech. Not
just about my speech, but about everybody’s. Mrs. Claussen taught me
about technical things, like circumlocution (a fancy term for avoiding
words). And she listened。

6, As is known to all…

(     ) 6. A. to listen to B. to listen C. listen to D. listen 

附原文:Her Name Was Mrs. Claussen – And She Cared by Dr. Lee Reeves

4, There’s no point in doing…

(     ) 2. A. surprising B. proud C. amazed D.careful 


1, why not…?

(     )3. A. told B. asked for C. said to D. showed




Mrs. Claussen turned out to be one of the best speech therapists I’ve
ever had. Not like the one in San Antonio who told me to tap my toe so I
could talk to a rhythm. That was the beginning of the longest list of
circus antics anyone has ever seen. That toe tap developed into a foot
stomp, a hand pound, a squinted eye, a head jerk and various other


Monday morning is an important time at our school. All of the students
go to the playground.  We listen to music, and we__1___the national
flag(国旗) go up.

67, By taking photos of us, our family members and friends。

威澳门尼斯人www997723,I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon。

(     ) 5. A. chance B. news C. time D. message

70, used to


Next Monday, you can give the talk. Go and write something down.
__4__ for it, I’m sure you’ll do well.” “Thank you ,” I answered, It
was such a great___5____for me ! When I got home , I was excited.
I wrote two pages for the talk. I read them again and again. When I
read, I asked my parents __6____澳门微尼斯人手机版, . I wanted to make my teacher
happy.Monday morning came. I began to feel__7__ .When did I last
give a talk to___8__ many people Never! This was my first
time.Could I really___9__it Maybe I couldn’t finish the talk.When I
got to school, we all went out to playground. I___10__in front of
everyone. I opened my mouth, but I couldn’t say anything.

66, A simple choice is to lay out a blanket in the sun。


(     ) 9. A. do B. speak C. talk D. take

Mrs. Claussen told me that when I left high school and went off to
college that my speech would probably get worse for a while. She was
sure right. Things got considerably worse. I wondered if I would ever be
able to communicate. It was a very depressing time, and I often felt


Day 5

I sang in the choir all of my school career and was a pretty good tenor.
At my old school I was in the top concert choir, but when my family was
transferred I learned that the new school’s choir was all filled up. It
was such a disappointment. I felt like that was the one thing that I
could really do well – and I could do it without stuttering. Somehow
Mrs. Claussen pulled some strings, rearranged my whole schedule, and got
me in the choir. I felt like she really cared about me as a person, not
just a speech student。

Hearing these words made my heart filled with 46.I had wanted to become
president of Student Council to make a difference , I achieved that and
more by working as a member of Jeff’s team .He became the most popular
candidate and I was a large part of his 47.The face that it has made a
difference in other people’s lives is the real prize. What a great

(     )10. A. stand B. stood C. was standing D. have stood


is believed that, 后有they too will think this

(     ) 8. A.after B. such C. before D. so

“Hello! I’m Mrs. Claussen. I hear you’re from Texas!” She must have
thought I was a little off my rocker as I stood there gawking, with my
mouth wide open and my face red as a beet. She was really pretty! And
she was young, too!


(     )4. A. Look out B. Come on C. Take careD. Get ready

68, What fun of camping is and how we have a great camping。

“I’m ,er-I’m just wondering if you would…consider coming to work on my
team ,”he said 38 。“You are really smart ,and you would be a great

(     ) 1. A. watch B. see C. notice D. look at



65, Put something soft to lie on on the floor。

,也就意味着要填的空即是He became the most popular




Later that day ,I happened to pass Jeff in the dining room. I offered
him a 37“congratulations”and walked to my usual table. To my surprise
,Jeff put his plate beside mine。

答案:35- 39 ACCDD 40 -44 BADBC 45-46 BD

An eighth grader said ,“It’ll be like attending a new school with Jeff
as president. ”

“自信”,A。达成一致意见B.hold your point指的是“坚持你的观点”C. 履行诺言